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heres an update for niggas, bitches, and dyke ass hoes

im goin to macomb and its pretty jive
ill be welding at the shop in 8 months
homecoming is the most over-rated social (fag) event of the year.
if someone asked me to go, i'd prolly go, but other than that i'd say fuck it.

....young jeezy is my new favorite artist along with the new burning cities..oohhhh
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i work at walgreens on 16, and unfortuanetly cold stone still

cold stone still fucking sucks. other than the hours breaks i take, and playing frisbee out back.

working on my truck, is about all i do now. that and cruisin around with my bros

girls are still fucking ridiculous... fuckin hoes and their birth control and alcohol

and im moving to california in 10 months, so fuck ya'll
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jammed today with metallica a lil bit that was rad
then we went to the mall with a hot babe named steph!

nicccce day i would say
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so for eastside fury, i'm now running every day. bout like 2 miles, its alright
first show is saturday, wow
k bye
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news for this week........

chris has a vag (no lie)

james failed math

jill is a babe

dayna hoed randi

bryan and joe are making a speed metal band

robs gonna sing

candace had to explain what a penis was
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